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Kenya Rioki AA

Cupping notes

Blackcurrant, orange, almost cola-like with grapefruit and pomegranate caramel notes.


In the Central province around 1750 meres above sea level lies Kiambu town, and 40km outside of it, the Rioki Estate. With a total of 289 hectares and 243 under coffee, the Estate is a lesser seen sight amongst the many smallholder farmers found in Kenya but uses this to it’s advantage, providing both primary and secondary education on the farm at their school, St Anne’s Rioki.

Although Rioki is an estate, it is actually owned by a cooperative of just over 3000 farmer members, under the company Rioki Farmers (1970) Limited, providing an elected board of 8 directors to oversee operations. They have ensured a mix of native and exotic trees to provide shade cover for around 50% of the farm, and have a number of bird and wild animal species present in the fields. The estate also engages in a re-forestry program.

Irrigation is used on the farm alongside mulching to reduce evapo-transpiration and increase micro-bacteria in the soil. Wastewater pits are present to protect the local watersource and the estate has its own nursery too.

The coffee produced here is wet processed using clean river water which is recirculated to preserve consumption. Cherry is pulped using two 4 disc pulpers before travelling the washing channels to the conditioning tanks for soaking and then being dried on raised beds under the sun.

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Fully washed
October - December
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Image for Producer Spot Light;  Kenya, Jowam Ltd

Producer Spot Light; Kenya, Jowam Ltd

05 January 2017