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India Kaapi Royale

Cupping notes

A subtle herbal character under dominant notes of dark chocolate and puffed rice.


Sethuraman Estate, Chickmagalur, has been in Nishant Ramesh Gurjer’s family for 6 generations, and under his direct ownership for the last 20. Kaapi Royale is the name given to a grade of fine robusta that originated from early ventures in to speciality coffee around 2010. Quickly realising the speciality world was full of arabicas and that there was a gap for robusta, particularly with the altitude and environment the farm possessed, Nishant Ramesh Gurjer began to focus on producing what would become ‘R’ grade speciality robusta.

Over the years Kaapi has established itself as the go-to for fine, washed robustas and has gained interest from a number of roasters over recent years.

1st ‘R’ graded coffee in the world in 2012, to date (Jan 2021) the farm has received 17 R certificates.

Cherries are harvested by hand, using a majority of fulltime employed pickers which is important as knowledge gained over the years is retained and utilised to increase quality. Fully washed and then dried under the sun.

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December - April

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