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Honduras Finca La Fortuna

Cupping notes

Acidity and sweetness were pronounced yet not overriding – a well balanced chocolatey coffee with sugar cane sweetness and gentle raspberry notes.


We have worked with Delmy Regalado for a number of years in one guise or another; having started in sales with another co-operative we work with, COCAFELOL, she created AMPROCAL, a women’s coffee cooperative, as well as being president for IWCA (International Women’s Coffee Alliance) in Honduras, part owning Finca Liquidambar, and running her own farm, Finca La Fortuna. The farm itself is a fourth generation farm, handed down to 10 siblings from her father, and Delmy recognizes that not only did she inherit the land, but the work, tradition, and love for what the family did.

The farm is 3.4 hectares and produces around 80 bags in total each year. Shade grown under orange trees, banana, lemon pine and more flowering occurs in April and May before the main harvesting of December to March. Waste that is created is eaten by the Californian red worm, a large grub that digests the coffee waste converting it in to a nutritious fertilizer used in feeding the plants organically.

As Delmy herself says, “Now I have my own family 3 children and I want to pass on the love and passion for the coffee, that’s where the name LA FORTUNA comes from, because for me this is the biggest fortune that my father inherited to me, and now I want to inherit to my children.”

During harvest when the coffee is at its optimum ripeness, the product is collected manually by men and women, carefully to collect only ripe fruits. Then is transported to AMPROCAL where the pulping process, washing and drying occur. When coffee is at 11.5% humidity it is sent to the Beneficio San Marcos (a warehouse just around the corner from COCAFELOL that is better equipped to handle the smaller microlots and niche process coffees) to rest before finalising the export process.

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December - March
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