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Guatemala Buena Esperanza

Cupping notes

Apricot, fig, papaya, hibiscus, raspberry. Sweet.


From the hands of Noe Castillo in Hoja Blanca, Cuilco,  on his farm which translates as ‘Good Hope’ comes this lot of coffee from our new relationship with Hope Coffee. Butting up to the shaved line through the trees that forms the border demarcation between Mexico and Guatemala it had originally been farmed for over forty years by his mother, Doña Maria Castillo.

It is her sons Nohelio and Marvel in charge of the steep mountainsides now, after Nohelio worked for a number of years in the US in order to be able to buy the land.  Gaining further experience in farming from his neighbour Nicolas Castillo of Nueva Esperanza farm, Noe is proud of his understanding, processes and techniques. He worked there for ten years before returning to his own family farm. They have just recently invested in new drying patios and a wet mill, which has to draw water from fresh mountain springs due to the high altitude positioning.

As much as they can, organic fertilizers are used, and since being hit quite badly previously with rust, better pruning techniques have been employed to create healthier trees and so better resist and future outbreaks. Avocado and Chalum trees provide shade for the coffee trees to grow under, one of which grows under the local name ‘Nance’ – we know it better as yellow Catuai.

Coffee is wet processed. Fermented for thirty hours in spring water and sun dried on patios.

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