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Costa Rica La Pastora Anaerobic

Cupping notes

Turkish delight, red berries, passionfruit, cherry, candied lemon.


Coope Tarrazu are a co-op of around 5,000 members that were formed in 1960 (with just 228 associates) to represent growers of the Tarrazu region. 80 percent of members own less than 4 hectares, so having agronomists for the group available to offer expertise is just one of the benefits membership can bring.

In 2011 they formed their Research and Development department to look at practical alternatives with by-products, sustainable agriculture, efficiency and energy. They have an app based solution for farmer members, and agreements with a number of universities and institutes to develop inputs for the future of sustainable agriculture.

La Pastora is the brand name of their distinctive profile of coffee, with high acidity, medium body and great aroma – and what we have come to think of as typical for a coffee from Tarrazu.

In 2013 they bought a farm from Sr. Tobias UmaƱa, a pioneer of the early Tarrazu coffee industry called La Hacienda. They use this as a demonstration farm and where they can trial new or special lots and processes, as well as provide training for their co-operative members. Renamed to Hacienda Cafetalera on purchase farming practises here are exemplary, and they have their own wet mill on site rather than using the main co-op facilities.

This lot is one of those that has benefitted from the care, attention and detail that goes in to producing a great coffee.

Flowering in April and May and harvesting between December and March, cherries are picked ripe and quickly pulped before being stored in a giant black fermentation tank for around 4 days. Once fermentation is complete, beans are taken to raised beds and dried under sunlight.

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Anaerobic Fermentation
1400 - 1500m
December - March
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Pura Vida from Costa Rica

24 March 2020