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Costa Rica Community Lot – San Lorenzo Natural

Cupping notes

Blueberry, kiwi, papaya, cherry, toffee.


The communities program has been running with Coope Tarrazu since 2012, and was designed to help promote the individual characteristics of the coffee in ‘micro-zones’ of the Tarrazu region. San Lorenzo is one of those communities that regularly contribute to our line up of Costa Rican coffees and have been growing coffee for nearly 90 years. This year (2020) is an off year for production, meaning a slightly lower production of cherry. This is part of the natural phenology of the plant, as cherry grows on the previous years branch growth, but does mean this is even more limited than normal!

The coffee of the TarrazĂș region is one of the most recognized in Costa Rica and in the world and represents around 40% of the national production. This production is between 1,200 and 1,900 meters above sea level, in ideal climate and soil conditions for cultivation. Most of the plantations are under shade, with different trees in the area.

San Lorenzo is the second district of the Canton of TarrazĂș, founded in 1923 and is 3.5 km away from San Marcos de TarrazĂș. Besides being so close to San Marcos, the biggest commercial point of the region, the small businesses in San Lorenzo are an important support for the economy of this community. In addition to this, the livelihood of the district is based on the coffee industry. There are approximately 211 members of this community who deliver around 3,500.00 fanegas of the coffee harvested each year.

Natural processed coffees are harvested fully ripe when the cherries are a deep red then transported to the local mill by 4pm to be dried. The coffee is cupped many times to ensure quality. First when dried, then two weeks later after being rested in silos, and again after 4 weeks. Samples are sent to us for approval at 6 or 7 weeks, and undergo one last cupping before they leave for shipping to us.

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1400 - 1600m
November - February
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