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Costa Rica Batamba Geisha

Cupping notes

Bergamot, pear, candyfloss, strawberry, passion fruit, cherry, honey. Lots of bright fruit complexity and flavours that develop as the cup cools.


Carlos Luis Urena Hidalgo owns the Santa Rosa farm in the Santa Maria district of the Dota canton. Batamba is the name of a sector on the Santa Rosa farm where the geisha varietal grows. The area itself has always been known as Batamba and precedes the farm, remaining in place as a plot within the greater farm itself. The geisha here was planted in 2016, and so this is the very beginning of its productive life.

Covering altitude between 1750 – 1850 masl we brought two washed lots, one from the lower and one from the higher end and are happy to be offering both this year.

Picked with a Brix reading of 20% for the cherry, more unusually for the area, this coffee is fully washed, meaning it has been pulped in the more traditional wet method rather than using any of the mechanical demucialgers. Fermentation occurs with the beans grouped in to ‘piles’ for a period of 24 hours with an average temperature of mass 30 degrees, with an average relative humidity of 21%

Beans are then taken to the drying patios, dried under the sun for 3 days until the moisture is at 30% when the batch is collected and raised to the greenhouse beds until it reaches a final humidity of 10%. This takes about 16 days.

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Fully washed
1750 - 1850m
January - March
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Image for Pura Vida from Costa Rica

Pura Vida from Costa Rica

24 March 2020