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Colombia El Eden

Cupping notes

Classic Colombian profile of chocolate, caramel and hazelnut with gentle peach and watermelon.


El Eden is a blend from 16 entrepreneurial farmers in the Armenia, Quindío region of Colombia. The second smallest department in Colombia, there is a high concentration of coffee producers in the area and it is one of the key production areas in the country. La Floresta is the biggest of the contributors to El Eden with a 94 hectare farm, and 80 hectares under coffee.

The name itself comes from the venue where the group would hold regular meetings to discuss best practices, business challenges and opportunities. As a regular host of the meetings, the group came to be referred after the venue – Rancho Eden – and this transferred to the coffee they grow.

Coffee when harvested is brought to the Racafe mill in Armenia, where it is sampled, cupped, and graded. The overall blend profile is managed by a separate cupping room facility where consistency and quality are maintained.

Picking from their mainly Castillo and Catimor planted fields, the coffee is typically wet processed the same day as picking and dried on either ‘Casa Elba’ Patios, drying beds either on rails themselves or with a roof that is on rails to protect from weather, or mechanical driers.

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1300 - 1800m
May - July
October - November
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