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Colombia CGLE Sidra Hybrid Washed

Cupping notes

Delicate yet complex, honeysuckle, rose, jasmine and lemongrass play over lighter red fruit characteristics and gentle white chocolate.


Cafe Granja La Esperanza’s (CGLE) hybrid washed coffees have grown in popularity on the farm, treading a balance between reinforcing the fruit characteristics whilst maintaining the crisp sweetness and clarity of washed coffees. Fermented for between 48 and 50 hours the cherry is then washed and pulped and before being moved to the solar drying beds where it remains for 28 days.

The varietal itself was brought to the farm from Ecuador in 2016, more specifically the Pichincha province. after spending some time in the nursery, it was planted in the fields of Potosi in April 2017. With an ‘average’ bean size and Bourbon heritage it’s a stunning varietal, though has an Achilles heel in that it is easily detached from the plant in rain.

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Hybrid Washed
1400- 1860m
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