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Colombia Agua Negra

Cupping notes

Kiwi, apricot, pineapple, lime.


The Agua Negra reserva is located in Cauca, the Municipio de Morales. One hundred and one producers own on average 1 hectare each and like the other reserves that CENCOIC work with, the producers of this region belong to an indigenous ethnic group. In this case it is the NASA, which in Colombia means they are governed by uses and customs of their own government, rather than a centralised, national one. Thirty percent of their population speak the Nasa Yuwe language, and steps have been taken in schools to both maintain and increase this important heritage. Their houses are built in bareque and clay tiles. Their production is in a traditional and diversified, and as time has passed they have improved quality processes through training with the aim of offering their clients a high quality indigenous coffee.

Individual producers are catalysed by making investments through development plans focused on strengthening production units framed in productivity and quality improvement. Additional programs contribute to the mitigation of environmental pollution such as treatment of honey and grey water so as not to pollute rivers, as well as the management of non-biodegradable solid waste by carrying out separation and recycling processes. This has a large importance.

Another important point in the investments is the possibility of contributing to the education of their children through the payment of tuition or educational elements. Finally an alternative contemplated in the development plan is the investment in improving housing conditions looking for better conditions of a good life for the producers.

The soft washed coffees they produce go through an eco beneficio, reducing the amount of water use whilst maintaining the floatation, pulping and fermentation steps needed. Fermentation here takes from between 13 to 17 hours, with coffee being washed in clean water and distributed across parabolic driers as well as patios when appropriate, drying from anywhere between 8 and 13 days, weather and heat dependent.

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1650 - 1900m
March - July
November - December
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