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Colombia 121 Juan Martin Taquinas

Cupping notes

Juicy, with malic apple acidity, toffee, melon and chocolate.


This coffee forms part of our 121 project offering, and is a 5 bag lot.

Juan Martin Taquinas owns the 1.4 hectare Pedregal farm where he lives with his 3 children and wife Aura Mesa. Their support for him and her work on the farm has enabled the family to improve the quality of coffee while implementing agricultural practices that contribute to the conservation of water sources and soil.

Juan Martin Taquinas

The farm is located in Toribio within the Tacueyo reservation that our exporters and suppliers, Cencoic, work with. Juan has been a member since 2012. By buying a range of lots from Excelso to reservation specific and here, single farmer lots we can both keep the support network and community smaller farmers often need, whilst offering an exclusive coffee lot with the highest traceability.

Waste coffee pulp is processed for composting for organic liquid fertilizer, while coffee mucilage is filtered out through a handmade filter system.

Manual collection is carried out with family members and neighbors, each sharing their labour with their neighbours during busy seasons. Ripe cherries have any sticks, leaves or floaters removed and are left in cement fermentation tanks for 15 hours, washed with clean water and dried in parabolic solar driers to a moisture level of 11.5%.

Any defects are removed again and the coffee is defective grains are chosen and packed in fique packaging, taken to the local collection site and transported to the central CENCOIC facility where quality analysis is performed, hulling, and export preparation.

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April - June
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