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Colombia 121 Albeiro Achacue

Cupping notes

Muscuvado sugar, berries, grape and dark chocolate.


This coffee forms part of our 121 project offering, and is a 3 bag lot.
Albeiro Achacue
El Madrigal lies under the shade of banana, avocado and guama trees in the municipality of Corinto, part of the Paez Corinthian protected area in Cauca. At 0.84 hectares it is a similar size to many other farmers that are part of the Cencoic cooperative.

As part of Cencoic, members’ synergy has allowed them to train in the production of quality coffee and what is reflected that today through high quality, whilst maintaining the safety net of community and colleagues. Project 121 allows for a unique relationship directly with the farmer whilst maintaining the important ties a cooperative helps maintain.

Waste water from processing is processed and used as a liquid fertilizer on the farm, with the solids removed and also converted for an alternative fertilizer.

Family members help with the picking and then depulped. This is then fermented in a tank for 20 hours and washed/rinsed three times to ensure cleanliness. Dried to between 10 and 11.5% on raised beds in a parabolic drier, the parchment coffee is then taken to Cencoic facilities in Popoyan for grading, sorting and dehulling ready for shipping.

Selective manual harvesting only ripe fruit with the family and depulpaed in machine 2 3/4 is fermented in tank tub for a process 20 hours is washed with three rinses clean water then shakes to remove guavas finally is performed a final and njuague, it comes out to the secado in parabolic, in a promising drying between 10 to 11.5% moisture is packed in fique coasts is carried to the local collection and then transported to the central winery of Cencoic where the quality analysis is performed and carried to the trite for export.

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April - June
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Image for Project 121: Bringing coffee farmers and roasters together, sustainably

Project 121: Bringing coffee farmers and roasters together, sustainably

15 May 2016