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Brazil Sitio Ferradura

Cupping notes

Creamy, nutty, dark chocolate cup. Classic natural Brazil profile with balanced cocoa bitterness.


Hidden amongst a large sugar plantation and from the bones of the renowned Fazenda Lagoa farm near Monte Belo lies Ferradura, run by Tadeau Sequalini, ex employee of Lagoa before buying some of the property, renting some land next to it and creating something new. Having worked his way up from agricultural technician to manager of the farm, in 2013 he took the leap to producing his own speciality coffee. Ferradaura translates as horseshoe, and the farm was named to hopefully benefit from a little bit of luck that the horseshoe is said to bring.

The land there has grown coffee since 1927, and comes with heaps of heritage, including the mill that is still original to the farm. Consisting of 74 hectares in total, 10 are owned by Tadeau with the rest rented; the older, rented acreage he maintains through pruning and stumping of the heritage trees, whilst the newer land he has planted with Mundo Novo, Icatu and Catuai varietals he sees as more reliable for the future.

As much as possible of the coffee here is patio dried, the naturals for around 15 days, and the pulped coffees around 8 days.

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900 - 1100m
May - August
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