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Brazil Sitio da Torre


Sitio Da Torre is a stunning farm. Located high on the hills with views across Sao Lourenco and Carmo de Minas, the owner Álvaro Antônio Pereira Coli and his family have spent a huge amount of time looking after the coffees that grew here, as well as planting new crops to test what will grow in the future to come. Rows of Catigua, Bourbon G, Paraiso, Topazio, Aranãs and many more line his test field. Coffees that are deemed desirable get planted out for a few years first to see the reality of how they perform on his farm, rather than having to make a decision based on expected performance. Principally the farm produces Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Yellow Catucai, Yellow Catuai and Acaia.

Expanding in 2019 to 95 hecatres (not all under coffee production), they had won 29 Cup of Excellence awards alongside numerous other quality recognitions before stepping back a little from the competitions. The additional plot originally belonged to the farm, but was sold by Alvaro’s father, Paulo Coli, to provide money to bring up his seven children. Thirty four years later, they are proud to buy back the land, and have named the plot in recognition of Paulo.

Processing too is under constant evaluation. Loosely, the farm produces 50% pulped naturals and 50% natural, though experiments in anaerobic fermentation and other methods are being trialled; in bags, buckets, silos and more, measuring consistency, reliability, and of course, cup profile.

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Brazil – The hidden detail behind ‘coffee’ coffee

21 August 2019