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Brazil Sitio da Torre

Cupping notes

Walnut, hazelnut, anise, strawberry, plum, chocolate and syrupy caramel.


Located in Minas Gerais, Sul de Minas, the Mantiqueria de Minas area was the first to get a Geographical Indication in the Brazilian coffee industry (supported and developed by BSCA) and this fresh approach – akin to ‘terroir’ in the wine industry is redefining how people view speciality coffee from Brazil. There are 25 counties in the region with 7,800 producers, 89% of which are small holders. The area comprises 69,500 hectares and altitude ranges from 900 to 1,500 masl.

Sitio Da Torre is a stunning farm. Beginning in the 19th centruy with Antonia Coli emigrating from Italy to Brazil, the land is located high on the hills, with views across Sao Lourenco and Carmo de Minas. The current owner and fourth generation family member, Álvaro Antônio Pereira Coli, has spent a huge amount of time looking after the coffees that grew here, as well as planting new crops to test what will grow in the future to come.

Processing is under constant evaluation. Loosely, the farm produces 50% pulped naturals and 50% natural, though experiments in anaerobic fermentation and other methods are being trialled; in bags, buckets, silos and more, measuring consistency, reliability, and of course, cup profile. Over the years, this has netted the 29 Cup of Excellence wins alongside a number of other awards recognizing the quality and dedication the team give.

Once the ripe cherries have been identified and picked, they are taken down the hill to the drying patios, where a mix of raised beds and concrete patios are available to dry the cherry.
Dry milling is done on the farm, with beans undergoing a further sorting and cleaning stage once they get to the Cocarive warehouse which is managed by Álvaro as well.

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May - August
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Brazil Sitio da Torre



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21 August 2019

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31 August 2018

Nick and I (Jamie) headed out at the end of July to Sao Paulo with a day to briefly recover and explore the nearby Ibirapuera Park. We’d be up at 5am Monday for the next leg heading up to Minas Gerais, a state divided in to four parts (Sul de Minas, Chapada de Minas, Matas de Minas, and Cerrado), and so begin our further education on the world’s largest coffee producing country.

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