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Brazil São João

Cupping notes

Banana, pineapple, vanilla, grapefruit.


The Bachião Family came from Italy to Brazil at the end of 19th century. Osvaldo’s grandfather went to Varginha City in 1914 where he heard about a great piece of land in another region that would be better to invest. The family went to Nova Resende where there were no producers so far, and that’s why he can be called a pioneer in the coffee cultivation there.

In 1925 the patriarch managed to acquire a machine to process the coffee and all the product was shipped by train, in an old railway called “Mogiana” in the district of “Jureia”.

Back in 1938, Mr. Osvaldo’s father expanded the business, buying more land and he started to fabricate cachaça, a very common alcoholic drink in Brazil made with sugar cane (which they don’t produce anymore). Since 1964 Mr. Osvaldo Bachião is the responsible for the property,
splitting this job and the title of owner with his son, Osvaldo Bachião Filho, and teaching his teenager grandson how to be a farmer.

The cultivation system they function under is called Precision Farming, and consists of having a more accurate agricultural management. Considering that each part of the land has a different profile and different needs when comes to fertilizers and inputs, so they need
individual assistance. To know where and when the procedures must be done helps the farmer to have a better understanding of their production.

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Brazil – The hidden detail behind ‘coffee’ coffee

21 August 2019

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Renovation and innovation, notes on Brazil

31 August 2018

Nick and I (Jamie) headed out at the end of July to Sao Paulo with a day to briefly recover and explore the nearby Ibirapuera Park. We’d be up at 5am Monday for the next leg heading up to Minas Gerais, a state divided in to four parts (Sul de Minas, Chapada de Minas, Matas de Minas, and Cerrado), and so begin our further education on the world’s largest coffee producing country.

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