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Brazil Santa Clara

Cupping notes

Red wine, blueberry, sherry, caramel.


Fazenda Santa Clara’s family have been working with coffee for a long time. The first coffee trees were planted around 1900 and continue to this day.

Immigrating from Italy and Portugal, both with lives dedicated to working with the land, they are now in the third generation dedicated to agriculture. Moacyr Dias Pereira, his wife, Alayde Graciano Pereira, together with their four children, Fernando, Carlos Henrique, Eduardo and Luciana, all married and living off their work.

We strive to improve our techniques and learn new technologies to produce the best coffees. The farm is located in Conceição do Rio Verde.

The harvests are at an elevation of 930 to 1,050 meters. We currently work on an area of
350 hectares. The varieties found on the property are Bourbon, Acaiá, Catuaí Vermelho and Catuaí Amarelo.

Harvesting is done on cloths, in order to prevent the beans from coming into contact with
the soil, preserving its quality. This means it’s handpicked, the slopes of Mantiqueira region being generally unsuitable for mechanization. On the same day, the coffee is transported to the processing center, where the beans receive a lot of attention to obtain a good result.

After being processed, the beans are dried in cement patios under the sun and then dried for a final drying phase, in which they reach the ideal level of humidity, approximately 11%. After that, the coffee is placed in wooden granaries to rest for a period of 30 days. Finally, the coffee is deposited in the COCARIVE warehouse, which supports members in all stages of production, including the marketing area, where there is a department entirely dedicated to these high-score lots.

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