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Brazil Morro Agudo

Cupping notes

Dark chocolate notes dominate with almond nuttiness and a pleasing fruitiness in the form of melon and orange lifting the cup and providing depth.


Founded by Heber Bueno Alves and his mum in 1998 when they bought the land and started planting coffee, it has grown to 19 hectares as Morro Agudo and is joined by a sister farm, Peireiro, that has 39 hectares. Between them, they produce around 1,000 bags per year of a mix between Catuai, Mundo Novo, Catucai and Tupi.

Morro Agudo translates as ‘sharp/steep hill’ and fairly unsurprisingly is the main feature of the farm. What is interesting though is how the increase in altitude and the fact that one side is forested and the other not provides differing conditions for the coffee to grow and mature in, meaning that the harvesting is more spread out that you’d normally find. The leaves under canopy cover are matt whilst those under sunshine glossy. Yellow varietals more common in direct sun, red in the forested. Yellow varietals are more favoured, not uncommon in Brazil, with the yellow Catuai seen as sweetest that grows here.

Mechanical harvesting is done in the areas that it can be – Heber does not own his own so needs to rent – but given the forest and the steepness of the hill, a lot of the coffee here is harvested by hand. The small shed at the bottom of the hill by the house is where it is processed, using a beautiful old blue and brown wooden Pinhalense. The family used to be well regarded in making Cachaça at a larger factory, something they now do for themselves that is well worth sampling if you visit!

Processing is done at the foot of the hill and is exclusively natural. Cherry is picked and laid out on the patio to dry before being hulled on site and rested in wooden lined silos traditional to Brazil. Once rested, coffee is transported to the warehouse of SMC in nearby Guaxupe where it undergoes another level of cleaning, laser colour sorting and grading before being bagged for export.

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