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Brazil Fazenda Santa Cruz

Cupping notes

Choc, nut, orange, peach, apple.


The farm was acquired in 1992, but at that time, there was only orange trees in the area. After passing through a crisis, in 1998 Josiani Moraes’ husband, Mr. Giovanni Bragagnolo, decided to eradicate the orchards and plant the first coffee trees. That was when the family began to invest in technology and infrastructure, such as the heating system in closed chambers, a unique project which is not very common to find in Brazil.

The challenge, since the beginning, was to continue with the improvements but valuing the work of their employees they are able to achieve high quality and excellence in the coffee production, the most important agriculture activity in South of Minas.

Josiani Moraes is the responsible for the management of the farm and is very committed to the social and educational projects that she brought to the farm.

The whole property is connected through eco paths, letting the local fauna move easily around and the flora to evolve. 400 thousand native trees were planted in all the area. The seedlings formed themselves in a farm’s seedbed that they created through donations of partners such as Federal Institutions.

Water saving is also an important and linked issue.

The farm has a biodigestor to treat the residual water, which is used in the washed coffee process. Every year they run a lab analysis in the water, following WHO’s guidelines as well was the ones from the National Council of Environment.

In partnership with SENAR (National Service of Rural Learning), the Santa Cruz Farm provides courses to all of its employees. From time to time, they also participate to labor security training, first aid, fire brigade, wildlife protection, UTZ certification concepts, among others.

The employees of Santa Cruz have the opportunity to identify, along with the managers, actions and projects that can benefit their work and improve their quality of life.

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