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Brazil Daterra Masterpieces D09

Cupping notes

Papaya, Panela, floral, a gentle impact on the nose that is much more intensified in the mouth – passion fruit, yellow fruit, milk chocolate and a phosphoric acidity over a light fruit liqueur quality.


Falling within Brazils famous Cerrado that makes up nearly 23% of the entire country, Daterra are the worlds first grade A rainforest certified farm of any business, and a walk around the trees will reveal a stunning array of birds and wildlife, from toucans and burrowing owls to squirrel monkeys and maned wolves. Over 60% of the land they own is given over to nature reserves. The farm itself it split into many lots, each with a designated agronomist to care for the particular varietal and aspect each lot defines. With over 100 different varietals on their farms, development is tracked and planting paired with appropriate varietal.

The Masterpieces are the pinnacle of each years’ production – experimental processes, new varietals, or a combination of both, all scoring over 90 points and all unique in their own way. The Masterpieces are processed separately to the main coffees. A small micro mill is located on the far side of the drying patio, containing sorting and pulping facilities but also tanks for anaerobic and aerobic fermentation, raised beds with moveable shade netting, and their own warehouse for storage. The segmentation of the farm into blocks – each with their own agronomist monitoring the growth and maturity throughout the season – is great for learning about the new varieties and adding to the field of research but also, somewhat handily, perfect for producing these microlots too! This is truly a farm within a farm.

Arara is a natural hybrid between Obata and Yellow Catuai, and continues the yellow through to its cherries too. The colour means it photosynthesises at a different rate to red cherries, subtly affecting the flavour development. Obata itself is a Brazilian varietal, lining back to the Sarchimor family of HdT crosses.

Plot TB40 is on the part of the farm that is a short drive from where we normally stay, not far from the burrowing owls often spied on the giant blue irrigation arms.  A slightly larger bean size that some of the other lots (coming in at 16/18) this is handpicked; fermenting inside a tank with an airlock valve that allows for the oxygen to be pushed out as denser CO2 builds up during the early fermentation stage. AS the CO2 builds, the fermentation changes to enzymatic reactions subtly altering the outcome in the cup. Once deemed complete, the coffee is dried on the raised beds specially built for the micro lots.

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Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
1100 - 1200m
May - August

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Brazil – The hidden detail behind ‘coffee’ coffee

21 August 2019

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Virtual cuppings of this year’s Daterra Masterpieces

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