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Brazil Fazenda Cachoeirinha

Cupping notes

Chocolate, orange, cashew and caramel.


In 1943 Mr. Jose Flora acquired the Sr. Pedro Sanches de Lemos’ family property. The trade was conducted by Mr Pedro’s three sons-in-law and headed by Mr. Aymore Pereira Lima.
When Mr. Jose Flora acquired the property, he explored many activities such as coffee and potato planting, milk production, pig and chicken farming, a brickyard, and even a sawmill. In 1972 his son Marco Aurelio Flora began to help him and promote coffee growing as a business. Today, the family’s third generation helps on day to day basis, aiming to continue this beautiful story.

Mr. Paulo Flora is responsible for the 82 hectare farm and he is always aiming to produce coffee of the best quality, taking advantage of the regions good climate and soil condition. He also invests in new equipment and looking to discover different ways to improve coffee production. This has involved planting of yellow bourbon, favoured in the region for its sweetness and suitability for microlots; replanting of the older areas to improve yield per hectare, and organic methodologies to improve both cup quality and the environment.

They have participated regularly in the Sebrae Educampo group since July 2015. This is a project aimed at providing intensive management and technical assistance to groups of producers involved in the same economic activities, in this case, coffee growing.

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