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Brazil Fazenda Aracaçu

Cupping notes

Cocoa and nuts set the stage for a more subtle strawberry, cherry, and lime jammy-ness to play.


The municipality of Três Pontas in Sul de Minas is touted as the greatest producer of coffee in the country. It has over 50 million coffee trees and its undulating topography falls in the transition zone between the Atlantica Forest and Cerrado Biome. The area takes its name from the three peaked mountain in the area which, stretching up to 1234 metres high, has often been used as a landmark.

The farm itself has been in the Chaves de Brito family for three generations, and is run by the inimitable Carmen Lucia, more commonly called Ucha, who also heads up the Brazil Speciality Coffee Association. With a reputation for trying slightly more ‘out there’ processing, music is piped to the coffee once processed to help it rest. Quality though is paramount, and attention to detail unrelenting in what is often a real highlight of a farm to visit. Ucha has spent part of her time collecting varietals and has her own coffee botanical garden dedicated to preserving specimens of these.

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960 - 1100m
May - August
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Image for Brazil – The hidden detail behind ‘coffee’ coffee

Brazil – The hidden detail behind ‘coffee’ coffee

21 August 2019

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Brazil: 2017

10 July 2017

It’s harvest time in Brazil – and there’s no better time to visit than now – blue skies, sunny days and bearable temperatures allow for ample exposure traversing the fields of some of Brazil’s finest coffee estates. Favourable weather has created a sizeable harvest (in Cerrado at least) so it was high time we visited to see for ourselves the abundance of coffee, and exceptional flavours we can glean from this oft overlooked producer of specialty coffee.

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