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Why us?

It's important to know 'why' when you choose a partner...

Here are 10 Reasons we feel we’re a good partner for your business. Hopefully you agree (or may one day agree) with these!


1. Credibility: Based in London since 1970, we are still independently owned and financed. Pioneering regular trips to origin, DRW has been visiting with valued customers, our suppliers in origin since the beginning and are passionate about sharing our experiences with them. Roaster visits to origin are STILL an important part of what we offer, either with us, or independently.

2. Knowledge & Expertise: We are real coffee people! Most of us have lived in producing countries and we visit them on a regular basis. We are in touch with our partners every day. This level of in-depth knowledge of our coffees, allows us to help our customers create and compose their blends, based on both cup profile / price / needs.

3. Range: We believe our clients are as unique as the coffees we trade. We offer a broad variety of coffees from great value commodity coffees to speciality arabica and robusta including single estate, single varietals and micro-lots from over 25 origins. We are able to offer coffee not only based on origin and grade, but taste profile and flavour attributes as well.

4. Value. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our different customers with the right coffee at the right price. We go beyond just selling coffee, and are able to offer exclusivity on some coffee (with customised branding on bags) and bespoke offering lists for customers who want to buy spot, or forward contracting.

5. Quality & Standards: We cup at origin, pre-ship approvals and landed samples, as well as regular redraw samples from our warehouse to check on the quality. We have 4 qualified Q-graders and our in-house team is dedicated to establishing the quality of the coffee we buy matches what is delivered.

6. Logistics & Finance: Our in-house, established and experienced team ensure that the coffee we source is the coffee that arrives – safely, cost-effectively and on time. We are also able to offer (once we’ve done our due diligence) exclusive logistics services to support customers who prefer to source independently from origin as well as financing and risk mitigation solutions.

7. Marketing tools: our strong direct relationships with suppliers, give us the opportunity to pass this on to you; our customers. From photo’s from origin, market reports, field trip studies, blogs and information sheets on the coffees, we are able to provide roasters all the information they require to help market the coffee they bought.

8. Industry associations and accreditation: Sometimes badges are important. And especially if they are there to make our industry better. That’s why we’ve been pioneers in securing our standards and certifications with the Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, Organic to Carbon Neutrality. If they make for a stronger, happier and more sustainable coffee trade – as well as exceptional coffee – we will support them all the way.

9. We have long-standing relationships with producers in origin and these have been cultivated for many years. Traceability is important to us, and our relationships with suppliers enable us to have full traceability farm gate to roastery door – our open policy develops a sense of loyalty throughout the supply chain.

10. Trust: We’re colloquially known in origin as “Doctor”. Even if it is a misinterpretation of our name, we’re proud to accept such a title as building trust for our stakeholders is vital to us and, as you’ve heard, we work hard to do this through the quality of our coffee, our suppliers in origin, our logistics and warehousing, our knowledge and experience, our reliable track record and our certifications.

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