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Our Mission

To continually endeavour to do the right thing through sustainable, progressive and open relationships.

Since 1970, we’ve paved our own way by endeavouring to do the right thing.

Over time, we have developed a unique way of working. We often carve new paths on our journey, inviting all to join us along the way. Through the process, we hope to create a more connected and sustainable future for everyone.

We build long-term partnerships with people at home and in producing countries by paying fair prices in exchange for products that suit specific market needs.

Our Vision

Paving a way for all.

Our Values

Doing the right thing is a sentiment that runs throughout the whole company. Our values not only shape who we are but also how we do business. We look to employ and work with people that share these values.


Work in an open and honest way, ensuring transparency and consistency
in everything we do.


Continually be aware of our social and environmental impact and ensure
we act responsibly and ethically.


Encourage and support. Be open and inclusive – we share a common goal.


Be experts in our field and continually evolve our learning. Bring people
together to share this experience and enthusiasm.


Everyone is unique; we celebrate and recognise this.