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Our History


DRWakefield and Company is officially registered by Derrick Wakefield and trade commences.


The tight-knit team of three handle everything from trading and quality through to logistics and the overall running of the business.


Expanding in size and ambition, the team move to Lloyds Avenue, London.


Simon is sent to Papua New Guinea to learn all things coffee. And some things not all coffee.


The further expanding business moves to larger premises in Mitre Street and Simon moves to Australia to learn all things wine. But his passion for coffee pulls stronger and he returns to the UK to join Derrick at DRW HQ in October of ‘86.


The dot.com revolution finds its roots in the coffee industry and computers first enter DRW.


DRW starts on the road of pioneering certifications in the UK coffee industry and secures both its Fairtrade and Organic licenses this year.


DRW launches its online presence with its first website.


DRW’s support for certifications continues and DRW secures is Rainforest Alliance Certification.


Ever expanding, the team move to the current premises in London’s Southwark at Thompson House on Dolben Street.


And ten years later, with a team of 16, DRW moves upstairs and refurbishes the sampling room on the ground floor into a state-of-the-art coffee lab.


DRW launches it's fourth website.

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