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Celebrating 50 years of relationships


DRWakefield was formed in January 1970 after Derrick Wakefield saw an opportunity when his role at Tetley was relocated outside of London.

Originally a tight-knit team of three including his wife Sylvia, they handled everything from trading and quality through to logistics and accounts from their office at London Bridge.

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Coffee is being purchased from Kenya and Papua New Guinea.

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We move to our second office, number 6 Lloyds Avenue.
We start buying direct from Costa Rica.


We sold tea from Argentina, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

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We added Rwanda and Brazilians coffees to our range.


Simon (Derrick’s son) commenced his commodity career. He joined the cocoa logistics desk of a commodity trader and progressed to the LIFFE trading floor. 

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Simon (19) leaves his job to go to Papua New Guinea and work for Angco (an exporter) to learn all things coffee. 

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Derrick establishes Rosemount Estate. Simon then moves to Australia to learn all things wine, working at Rosemount.  


We move to larger premises on Mitre Street.
Simon’s passion for coffee is stronger, so he returns to the UK in October to join the business full time.

Late 80’s - early 90’s

We start to focus more on traceability, quality and consistency of supply.
We now have 100 customers.


Close relations are formed with the Fairtrade Foundation.
We are 1st independent coffee importer to gain a Fairtrade licence, the first coffee is from Costa Rica.
First to gain a European Organic licence in the UK.


Highland Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC) became Fairtrade Certified™ an organisation who we started working with in 1971 and continue to work with today. 


We launch our first website and our first logo. 
New origins include Sumatra and Ethiopia.

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We become pioneer members in creating the Speciality Coffee Association Europe.
Simon is on creation committee and first UK Coordinator and Board Director. 


We started taking multiple customers to origin on coffee safaris, the first being Kenya. 

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We became Swiss Water official UK agent.

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We introduced Rainforest Alliance certification to the UK. We are presented with the Rainforest Alliance’s prestigious “Corporate Green Globe Award”.

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We become the exclusive UK partner for Daterra in Brazil.
The team of 7 move into Thompson House – our current home.

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We become Utz Kaph certified.


We start to work with Cafe Feminino; focusing on helping women and their families in coffee communities. The first coffee was from Union Pro Agro in Peru.

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Simon is interviewed for the docu film ‘Black Gold’ following Ethiopian Oromia manager as he travels the world to obtain a better price for his workers' coffee beans.

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The logo is revamped.
We establish further supply taking the number of origins to 25 and greater stock selection.

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We start working with Cafe Granja La Esperanza

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Project 121 is extended to Peru.
We exhibit for the first time at the London Coffee Festival.
We open distribution hub in Lithuania.

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The team is now 16.
We take a sourcing trip to Myanmar and a cupping tour of Czech Republic.
We exhibit at the Vilnius Coffee Festival in Lithuania.

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We create a state-of-the-art coffee lab.
We are ranked 107 in the Sunday Times International Track.
We begin sending coffee grounds to Bio Bean to be made into fuel logs.


Evolve branding and the office.
Launch our annual roasting competition.
First Full Circle event.
We take a second cupping tour to Eastern Europe.
The Quality Lab is certified by the SCA as a training campus.
Priscilla and Phil are the first in the UK to pass the new Q Processing Generalist course.

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Diana (our Head of Quality) is crowned UK Roasting Champion
The 1st Swiss Water ‘DRW Sourced collection’ arrives.
We receive 62 coffees for the 2nd year of our roasting competition
Open our European Office in Lithuania and warehouse in Dublin.

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We turn 50!


We will continue to expand our knowledge, expertise, relationships and look forward to what the future will bring.