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About DRWakefield

Sourcing coffee from over 20 origins, for nearly 50 years.

At DRWakefield we are proud and privileged to bring a vast range of coffees from across the world to our customers – from the farm gate to the doors of our roasters.

Based in London since 1970, DRWakefield was founded by Derrick Wakefield, father of Simon Wakefield who drives the business day-to-day. Derrick wanted to supply both specialist and regular grade coffees to the UK trade, small private roasters and large multinational companies alike, building strong relationships to understand their needs. We still live by this philosophy today, providing our different customers across the globe with the right coffee at the right price. And we are still independently owned and financed.

Having a good client base is worthless if you do not have an equally strong supply source. This has been achieved through our deep knowledge of our origins – many of our team having lived in origin for a number of years – and with regular trips to understand how the supply chain functions down to the farm gate. We ensure transparent relationships from origin to our customer’s door. And since our relationships are direct, it’s not difficult. We’ve also found suppliers with a similar ideology as ourselves. And it’s paid off… we are incredibly proud to have worked with many of our customers and suppliers for years… some from the very beginning.

Our logistics team visiting Ethiopia.

We believe that success only comes with exacting standards and vigilant control. To that extent, we rigorously quality check every coffee we sell – grading, roasting and cupping every coffee in our in-house state-of-the-art lab. We also control the shipping and delivery of our coffees from the place of origin to our roaster’s door.

Sometimes badges are important, especially if they are there to make our industry better. That’s why we’ve been pioneers in securing our standards and certifications with the Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, Organic to Carbon Neutrality. We’re also the official UK agents for Swiss Water and Daterra as well as members of the BCA and SCAE. If certificates make for a stronger, happier and more sustainable coffee trade – as well as exceptional coffee – we will support them all the way.

Colloquially we’re known in origin as “Dotore” – Doctor. Even if it is a misinterpretation of our name, we’re proud to accept such a title, as building trust for our stakeholders is vital to us and, as you’ve heard, we work hard to do this through the quality of our coffee, our long-standing suppliers in origin, our logistics and warehousing, our knowledge and experience, our reliable track record and our certifications.

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