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  • Annual Coffee Origin Focus 2022/23

    We look back on 2022 for a whistle-stop tour of some of our origins and interesting stories from throughout the year! 

  • The Purge

    Switching between certified and non-certified batches without wasting coffee.

  • Annual Coffee Market Report 2022

    The 2022 Market Overview you’ve been waiting for!

  • Profiling a Coffee

    There are many ways of profiling coffee. As a question we get asked a lot here, Jamie suggests some approaches that you may find useful.

  • Five Years of Decaf

    A UK based review of the Decaf market.



At DRWakefield, we pride ourselves on our long term relationships with roasters and producers.

Sourcing and supplying green coffee around the world, we offer a broad range; from speciality Arabicas to excellent value Robustas. We treat every relationship as unique and are wholly committed to doing business in a way that works best for everyone.

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We know coffee

We are a diverse, tight-knit group of people who love coffee. Between us we have many years of experience and qualifications. We strive to be experts in our field and share this knowledge with everyone we work with. We grade and cup tens of thousands of coffees each year and regularly visit our partners at origin. Every coffee we sell has been cupped at least twice by our Trade and Quality teams.

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As an independent family-run business, our mission to continually develop a sustainable, progressive and open approach to coffee is very much the same as when we started out in 1970. We believe in working to improve the long-term interests of all our partners and minimise our environmental impact throughout all of our business practices.

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Guatemala El Recuerdo Lot#1

  • Lemon
  • Other Fruit
  • Peach
  • Strawberry

Colombia El Peñol

  • Caramelised
  • Chocolate
  • Citrus Fruit
  • Maple syrup

Peru Cecovasa Wildlife Conservation Society

  • Berry
  • Lemon
  • Maple syrup
  • Peach
  • They’re very loyal to their producers and show real respect for them which is great.

  • DRW strikes the perfect balance of business and being really personable.

  • I love that we openly discuss requirements and come to a solution together.

  • We love that we have that dedicated point person to take care of us.

  • DRW is one of my top suppliers.

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If there’s one thing we enjoy more than being in origin or cupping coffee, it’s chatting to our customers. We love the challenge of finding the green coffee that’s just right for you - and your customer - and helping you plan your coffee year with our knowledge of upcoming harvests and the range of great coffees we have in stock. Request a sample if you know what you’re after, or if not, drop us a line – we’re here to help.

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