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Weekly Market Report 5 to 9 November 2012


Futures Markets:


Arabica: The market returned to fundamentals as there is higher supply than demand. The U.S elections lead to a strong start on Wednesday but gave back their early gains later in the day. The market found comfort around the 150 mark and it was noticeable that when market rose or fell it would fall back to near 150 by the end of each day. 

Robusta: The LIFFE fell to a 8-month low mid-week as news that the Vietnam harvest is producing vast quantities. At the end of the week it ended similar to where it started. As from Wednesday we have seen a combination of some well-timed buying and a reduction in the speculative selling.

Currency:  Increasing consumer confidence in the US saw consumer credit increase for the second month in a row, led by a rise in borrowing for education and cars. Improvements in job prospects and the housing market has given households confidence to take on more debt causing the $ to strengthen at weeks end.


Futures and Currency close levels:







NY Dec-12 c/lb







Lon Nov-12 $/t



















Physical Markets:


Brazil: News that 50% of the crop still remains to be sold due to exporter’s unwillingness to sell at any level lower than 155c/lb.

Colombia: The flow of coffee remains slow, as persistent dry weather could take toll on the crop as tiny buds succumb to a lack of rain and heat, according to agronomists. Coffee output is down 0.45% in October compared to the same month a year ago, after six months in a row of output growth, farmers decided to hold onto their beans because they expect prices to rise according to the Grower’s Federation.

Ethiopia: Small quantities of washed were sold on Ministry pressure. News from the washing stations that the new crop is of good quality as a result of favourable weather conditions during the last few weeks.

Kenya: Exporters are preparing for increasing interest from overseas, some business is report at the moment but volumes remain limited. Preparations for the coming crop remains in progress, the next auction is on the 13th November. 

Tanzania: Auction no.17 was held this week offering 26,000 bags. The auction was dominated by southern coffees, whilst the lower quantity of Northern coffee produced high premiums.

Uganda: Exports dropped by 17% in October to 178,874 bags of 60kg after heavy rains in the coffee growing regions washed away roads, an industry regulator stated.

India: Coffee prices fell during this week’s auction as most traders stayed clear from the market due to falling prices overseas.

Honduras: Interest from overseas remain steady, as exporters are holding back just covering first commitments which is slowing down the pace.

Guatemala: Output and exports have not been affected after the recent earthquake.

Vietnam: Prices have fallen to their lowest in nearly 11 months. Reasons for lower prices are because of a bumper harvest and export figures easing from Octobers figures.