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Coffee Market Report 1st to 5th April 2013


Coffee Prices, Futures and Currency close levels:







NY May-13 c/lb






Lon May-13 $/t














Futures Markets:


Arabica: The market took a little while to pick up speed pre and post Easter holidays. There were some busy sessions with turnover breaking 39,000 lots thanks to the spread of business which is building.

Robusta: London has been working lower than in previous week, following recent highs. Fluctuation occurred at the lower end of the range with participation mostly coming from speculation and arb players.

Currency: The US$ fell sharply on Friday as concerns about the health of the US economy gauge by Non-Farm- Payroll numbers came in at 88,000 for March which is well below the expected 190,000 which analysts had in mind.


Physical Markets:

Brazil: Exports rose by 11% from 2 million bags the same month a year ago to 2.2 million 60kg bags.

Colombia: Exports rose 12% to 678,000 bags in March versus the same month a year ago, the growers’ federation stated on Friday.

India: Coffee to the market has slowed down; this has caused diffs to move sharply up and replacement levels being very expensive.

Indonesia: Exports are forecasting to drop 5% to 494,000 tonne this year due to higher domestic consumption according to an according to an industry group.

Guatemala: Exports fell 16.6% in March compared to the same month a year earlier, the country’s national coffee association, Anacafe, said on Tuesday.

Honduras: The 2012/13 crop is now finished. Producers are apparently still holding up to 400,000 bags of parchment awaiting higher prices. 

Ethiopia: Just three months left in the fiscal year and 150,000 tonnes still are unsold – the problem is simply there is great interest for the coffee but buyers at auction cannot find the right level which producers are willing to part with their coffee. Rumours that the government are soon to take action and push exporters to move stock.

Kenya: Once again the price continued to rise at auction by $14 for the benchmark grade AA. This is the 4th week running that the highest price of AA rose, 24,398 bags were offered for sale during the auction, and only 8,307 found buyers.

Tanzania: Coming close to the end of the auctions now as maybe the final one of the season is to take part in a couple weeks’ time. Coffee was offered from both North and South but interest only remains from a few buyers.